Get to know the girl named: Happy Joe

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy is all that matters.

-Audrey Hepburn

This is the first post on my new blog. Haha! I know I’m sort of a newbie about this since the last time I was blogging was all because I need to pass a college subject! But yeah, here it goes! ☺️ ☺️ ☺️

Hi I’m Jhoanne Que. Sometimes called ‘Anne’ but most of the time I am known to be ‘Joe’.

I am a happy girl from Manila and currently in my mid-twenties. This happy girl would like to start sharing stuff, blogging events, my lifestyle, and a lot of things that I usually do or craft personally. I would also like to have a small start up business (In the future. Haha)

My usual hobbies are travelling, motorcycle riding, attending events, and trying out new things! My personality says a lot about me.

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Thank you loves!


#ABCommunityPH77: A community for all.

@skincaresph Poster

Last 7th of July, my best friend and I attended the first grand meet-up of SkincaresPH at Kozi Kozi Premium BBQ, located at Polaris St. Bel-Air Makati City. This was organized by an awesome skin care influencers, vloggers, and bloggers whose hearts are very big to accommodate a numerous number of skin care enthusiasts too! I could say that you can already see their efforts from just seeing the tickets sent a week before the event. Thumbs up for the creativity of this team.

I enjoyed attending this event because I’ve learned a lot about taking care of my skin in so many ways. I was able to find new brands of skin care products that I must try (because of good reviews too). I had a lot of realizations too! Haha. I went home with my heart filled and very happy because I got to hoard a lot of skin care products from new brands that I didn’t even know they exist! 😍 Not only that I got a chance to meet and have new gorgeous and lovely skin care friends. I’ve enjoyed their company and stories about their love for skincare products. They’ve also endorsed a lot of good brands I should try. These ladies have inspired me to be so much committed with my skincare habit. I was able to enjoy the #PinasMaskSwap too were in I was able to get a pack of masks from my skincare Santa: Paula that I was able to meet via Instagram.

My new skincare friends

So why do I think skin care is very important and what are my take-away’s on this event?

Our everyday routine using a lot of beauty products and skin care products will go hand in hand, especially if we want to show off our best every day. Well starting with a good skin care habit at a young age also will contribute a lot in having a younger looking skin when we get old. Good eating habits of healthy and organic foods can also contribute in having more beautiful and younger looking skin.

Besides having a good daily habit of serious skin care, it is also advisable by many doctors to always use skin protection in the sun especially if we are the type of person who don’t usually carry an umbrella or wear any cap.

They often say that a beautiful skin does not take much to get, but with few good products and of course with good habits of commitment. As early as this time, it’s not too late and will not take long to start treating your skin with kindness and in return, softness, glow, and beauty will be yours to take. A little effort will go long ways and the glow will show evidently!

It would also be very helpful to know what type of skin you have in taking steps of having a skincare set. There are 3 Types of skin for us Filipinas: Dry, Oily, or Sensitive Type.

I am under the Oily Type of skin though and with this type excess oil can oftentimes leave my pores congested and clogged where I am much more prone to breakouts and acne. Raise your hand if you belong with the same skin type! But the good news for us however with having an oily skin, our skin looks younger and more flexible because it has natural moisture that also lessen our prone to wrinkle. Yay!

If you would ask me what my usual skincare essentials are, I shall say that I can’t live without a facial serum, a night cream, moisturizers, sunscreens, and masks! Often the not I’m opting to try organic products from local brands but right now I’m also open on trying a lot of Korean brands too. I’m looking forward for the next meet-up of AB Community PH. I hope there would be a collaboration with local skincare products too.

So yeah, in behalf of everyone who joined this grand meet-up I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the generous sponsors of this event:

Apotheke Science, Dal Factory, RR Korean Shop, Kozi Kozi Premium Korean BBQ Restaurant & Café, Jumiso, Another Bright, Axis-Y, B3ANO Scientific Basis, Commleaf, Dr.&Co. Professional, Eskin Laboratories, Glamour Box, GlowgetterMNL, Hayejin, Herbs and Hyssop, Keep Cool, Medius, OFLOE, PIXI by Petra, Purito, Recell Me, Saatinsight, Sexylook, SPACE by Simply Skin, and Be your first love YADAH.

@Skincaresph Loot and Merchs

You guys made our skincare hearts exploding with the loots you’ve provided us. Blessings you’ve shared to us will be worth it as we look forward on reviewing these products too.

Thank you for welcoming us with this event and in this community. AB Community PH is really a community for all. Regardless if you are just starting with your skincare duties or if you have been an enthusiast for so long. We are all welcome in this community. I’m excited to meet the same faces next meet-up and much more excited to meet a lot of new friends.

Thanks for dropping by! I’m looking forward hearing your skincare journey too!

So much love from Heyhappyjoe PH!

Bessy @littlemsbratt

Wacoal at 30: Women of the World

My mini passport for the exhibit.

Last week, from June 27th to 30th, Philippine Wacoal Corporation celebrated their 30th Anniversary that features one of their highlights: The Women of the World. Wacoal Philippines in collaboration with Viviamo Inc. were able to exhibit and present 30 inspiring and wonderful women in our era today.

Wacoal Philippines and Belle De Jour had various activities ready for everyone. My best friend April and I have personally enjoyed the concept of having a passport and taking a leap from USA, Paris, and Japan in just a few minutes to take lovely photos as souvenirs. Who would have thought that we’ll be able to travel from three different countries all in one day? Haha! We just did. This was an experience that made our dream travel destinations partially come true.

Whoever is happy will make others happy.

-Anne Frank
Hello USA ⭐️
Comversations in Paris ♥️
Cherry Blossoms in Japan

We also had the chance to take our magazine-inspired photo shoot from Pictoglam photo booth and decorated our very own power frames at the crafting area. After completing our tasks over our Wacoal passport, we headed over the artists from On the Spot Caricature with Love booth to get our own caricatures.

Ms. Mots Venturina

Aside from taking memorabilias and ephemeras from those places, taking a lot of photos, roaming around the exhibit and reading the inspiring stories from 30 different women makes me wonder of how I should take a leap of faith in pursuing what I love or what I am passionate about. Their dreams that turned into reality have surely empowered me to grasp what’s mine and push it into reality. One of the ladies I admire the most on this event is Mots Venturina. Just like me, she is a millenial advocate just on her mid-twenties. She is the founder of Cancervants PH and with this foundation and with her heart she has made her passion visible. Her passion is to help kids dream bigger. Right now, her aim is still to help one child with cancer at a time. Cancervants PH is an organization of child cancer advocates, that aims to promote awareness, spread hope, and breed proactive Filipinos.

I remembered before that Cancervants PH had opened an event last year entitled: Pay Ink Forward for artists that have a heart to donate artworks for the kids undergoing cancer treatment and those artworks were auctioned via Instagram and social media platforms. All of proceeds were given to the foundation itself. As an artist, my heart is really filled with so much joy that with just a simple artwork donated and sold, it could save one young life and make them happy. The concept maybe simple as itself but looking on the bigger picture at a young age, those kids undergoing their treatment and fighting against cancer could easily lose hope and lose their dreams. Yes, it was just a simple concept for normal people living but surely meant a lot for them. With those simple acts, hope and happiness were shared.

We all have different passions and dreams, whatever our age may be. But having a dream will never be limited for people don’t have any sickness or conditions neither for those who can only achieve it. With this kind of event and inspiring stories to tell, may our hearts and eyes be opened of our current society. May we be open of millennial advocates such as Mots. Let us help in every way we can! Simple things such as joining health campaigns could already mean a lot. Losing someone from this type of illness could really impact a family member’s life but losing hope at a very young age will always be a different story. We may be having difficulties at one point of our lives but come to think of it, other people such as these children are far more than suffering from us.

Everyone of us have the right to hope and to dream. May we never lose hope and pursue the passions and dreams we have.

Say Hello: Flamingo Bloom Philippines

Get ready flamingo and tea lovers! Summer is never too late for this themed floral-tea shop located at the heart of Quezon City. This cute and insta-worthy tea shop just opened recently and ready to make our hearts happy. ✨

Flamingo Bloom is a modern and chic Tea shop in Hong Kong and now in the Philippines to rejuvenate our minds and bodies with their quality exotic tea flavors. Flamingo bloom handcraft artisanal floral teas.

If you are looking for a Healthy Milk tea, Fruit tea, and Smoothies then Flamingo Bloom Philippines is a must try for you. They have a wide variation of tea. I love how each drink are incorporated with floral flavored tea. They also serve hot and yummy toasties matching their lovely teas.

If you are planning to visit, you can try out their best sellers. Every drink can be purchased with add on’s such as: Golden Boba Pearls, Aloe Vera, or Milk Skim for just 20 Php each. You can also borrow their cute flamingo floaties for photo purposes or buy them as a souvenir for just 60 Php and just 50 Php if you already purchased drinks from them.  😍

Here is my honest review of what we’ve tried: 

🌼 Pink Rose Oolong latte – You can have this for 130 Php and add 20 Php for Boba Pearls. This Oolong latte is not that sweet, and you can even taste the flower-flavored tea which I think is the signature of the store itself.

🌼  What-a-Melon Jasmine Tips Green Fresh Fruit Slush for – You can purchase this for 145 Php and you have the option to add Boba Pearls, Aloe Vera, or Milk Skim for Php 20/each. This Fruit Slush is very refreshing! I could even taste the Watermelon and Lemon incorporated with their signature floral tea. If you love a summer flavored drink or a Watermelon flavored drink, then this is a must for you! 😉

🌼  Avocado-melt Toasties – You can try this out for 119 Php, but less 20 Php if you already purchased a drink from them. If you are looking for something new to eat, then you’ve definitely have to try this out. This sandwich is surely mouthwatering and good for those who are maintaining a healthy diet. This Avocado toast is creamy, crispy and so satisfying. It’s a delicious snack or light meal and can be a simple breakfast too! It’s best when consumed immediately.

Above all else, this place is surely a good spot where you and your friends could bond and hangout. Easily accessible location and of course those who loves Pink ambiance will surely enjoy. Me and my friend surely did have fun visiting this place and I hope you’ll have a good experience too. 😍

You can visit Flamingo Bloom Philippines or contact them at:
📍4th level, SM North Edsa (The Block) 
📞 +63 923 082 5333

Thank you for visiting this happy blog and see you on our next happy place to visit, things to try out, and many more.  

Love lots! Heyhappyjoe PH.